What is HIPAA Complaince?

Satisfy Meaningful Use and ONC audits with an SRA.

What is HIPAA Compliance?  HIPAA compliance requirements include risk assessment required by HIPAA HITECH, Security Rule includes the implementation of security measures to reduce risk to reasonable and appropriate levels to ensure the protection, confidentiality, integrity of ePHI against threats, hazards or disclosures.   

Failure to comply could result in a fine. 

How much does a SRA cost?

Conducting your own SRA can be free.  You can leverage free tools from the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) if you have the time and the patience to complete the process.  

You can find the forms HERE.

Let us do your SRA

CSM Hosting does it for you!  Our analysis does a deeper review of your systems, security and procedures.  We work with you to protect your data, your users and your reputation.  Don't let hackers steal your business.

Best Practices in Security Risk Analysis

 The best way to avoid a PHI breach or loss is to regularly conduct HIPAA SRA.  Remember to keep this in mind. 

  • The consequences of failing to conduct a HIPAA security risk assessment can be severe .
  • Security risk challenges happen every day.
  • Do-it-yourself versus outsourcing, be sure you know what you're getting into. 
  • Choose a credible security risk assessment partner.


Why Trust CSM?

  • HIPAA Expertise: Recognized as an industry leader in protecting PHI
  • HIPAA Certified: The gold standard for measuring compliance and security
  • SRA Remediation Services: Expert assistance available to help remediate or mitigate risks
  • Best Practices in Security Risk Analysis.

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