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Enterprise Consulting

Front Office Applications


Working with CSMHosting experts, we can help you leverage your existing investment in Microsoft services by helping you migrate to Office 365, fine tune you SharePoint service, provide consulting and healthchecks for your SQL services and much more.  Count on our experts to help with the entire Microsoft technology stack.

Enterprise Solutions


If you have a significant investment in Microsoft System Center, the Enterprise Mobility Suite, Active Directory, Exchange or Azure we're here to help.  Our team has developed a methodology for helping customers identify their requirements via in-depth questionnares and onsite consulting.    This best practices approach helps optimize even the smartest solutions.

Business Intelligence


An enterprise approach to leveraging all Microsoft can do for you business will reduce costs, improve productivity and let you make better decisions with familiar. easy to use software and server platforms.  Complete the picture with  expert services that ensure these solutions meet the organization's business and technical requirements.

Consultant Practice


Requirements Gathering and Analysis

The right approach with the best information on current operations drives decisions and investments to fine tune your investment in Microsoft technology.

Design, Planning and Installation

With the right road map in place, you can count on your partnership with CSM Hosting's Microsoft Parters to optimize investment and speed your implementation cycle so you can stay focused on building your business.

Tuning and Optimization

Getting the most out of your investment in technology is as important as what you do with it.  

Identity Management

Wondering how to best protect yourself from today's most sophisticated hacking exploits, we're here to help.  Leveraging Microsoft's Indentity Management technologies like Active Director and SSO is a great place to start.

Application and Database Performance

If you're wondering why your users complain the systems slow down during the work day, we can find out why and fix it.  Our team can help monitor, identify problems, alert you to pending issues and provide health checks throughout your IT operation.

Remote Managed Services

If you're running a 24x7 business, why not make sure your IT operations keep up with it.  Our engineers can monitor and correct in real time, any services and performance issues through our round the clock network operations center.