Remote Systems Monitoring


Augment your IT Staff with IT Managed Services and Network Monitoring

Today's IT organizations are increasingly  burdened with technology sprawl, increased demands on the team with staffing and budget constraints that make keeping up with it more and more difficult.

CSM Hosting's Managed IT services can help.  Our team of technology experts can fill your gaps with minimizing costs so you can focus on your business and not the business of IT.

Network Monitoring

Your IT business systems  are the core of your daily operation and if there are any system or network outages you could see significant loss of revenue and production including significant impacts to your businesses reputation.  Our Managed IT service provides 24/7 network and end point monitoring alerting you to issues before they happen.  Users and customers alike will appreciate your proactive  approach to supporting them so you can remain focused on your business.

 CSM can help your organization comply with Current HIPAA Regulations and set up systems that will help protect you for years to come.    

Security and Updates

End points like desktops, mobile devices, network hardware and your server farm require continual updates including software patches, firm ware updates and security management.  Just one computer without proper updates can lead to major security issues like ransomware, bots and keylogger exploits that can result and data breach and theft.

We endure your systems are always up to date with the latest patches and software updates regardless of the vendor.

Some of the Services We Provide


  • Log-in Monitoring and Password Management
  • Security Incidents Management and Response
  • End point Malware Protection
  • Security Awareness Training/security Reminders
  • Risk Analysis/Vulnerability Assessment
  • Contingency Planning
  • Data Backup Plan and Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Emergency Mode Operation Plan  Testing and Revision Procedures
  • Applications and Data Critical Analysis
  • Facility Access Controls; recommend changes/updates
  • Facility Security Plan, including access controls and maintenance/repair
  • Workstation Use/Security Policies and practices
  • Policies and Procedures for Device and Media Controls Disposal/Reuse/Accountability)
  • Technical (admin) policies to manage PHI access (User ID, Emergency Access, Auto Log-off, Encryption)
  • Audit Controls, Integrity,   Authentication (PHI and Person)Transmission Security (Integrity and Encryption)
  • Breach Notification  Plan/Procedures.

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